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Bioinformatics Training in Cambridge

The Bioinformatics Training Facility of the School of Biological Sciences organizes high-quality, hands-on training courses in bioinformatics and computational biology, targeting all audiences, from undergraduate to postgraduate level and beyond.

The team



Gabriella Rustici, PhD

Bioinformatics Training Manager

Gabriella leads the Bioinformatics Training Facility. She earned her PhD in Genetics from the University of Cambridge in 2004, working on transcription profiling of the fission yeast cell cycle, and has worked for several years at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) focusing on training and educating the life science community to use bioinformatics resources for the analysis and interpretation of high-throughput data.



Louisa Bellis, PhD

Training Impact Coordinator

Louisa is the EXCELERATE Training Impact Coordinator. She was previously the chemical content curator in the ChEMBL group at the EMBL-EBI. After completing a degree in chemistry with pharmaceutical and forensic science, Louisa went on to study for a PhD in pharmacology at the University of Bradford. Her PhD was focused on the development of potential new drugs for the treatment of bladder cancer. Following this and prior to joining the EBI in 2009, Louisa worked for a not-for-profit company, training users on their drug toxicity and metabolism prediction software.


 Cathy profile 3.jpg

Cathy Hemmings

Bioinformatics Training Administrator

Cathy assists with all administration aspects of the Bioinformatics Training Facility.



Paul Judge

System Administrator

Paul manages the Bioinformatics Training Facility's IT infrastructure, adapting it to meet the increasingly demanding requirements for bioinformatics and computational biology training. His responsibilities include liaising with the trainers to ensure their technical requirements are met prior to a training course, and supporting them during a course to resolve any IT issues which may arise.