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Bioinformatics Training


Training Quality and Impact assessment

The Bioinformatics Training Facility values the opinion of its learners on their training experience. That is why we systematically assess the quality and impact of our training courses. For each course, we collect feedback immediately after the event. Additionally we collect long-term feedback on the impact our training events have on our participants.

Our impact

We believe that our training has an impact when learners are empowered. This happens when, after our training,

  • learners’ understanding of a particular topic improves
  • learners are able to use the tools and resources covered in the training and,
  • they are able to transfer the knowledge and skills to others.

Training impact assessment is in line with the University of Cambridge’s effort in globally exploring impact. Training impact is one of several components of impact together with research, cultural, economic, environmental, political, health and legal impact (1).

We adhere to the ELIXIR strategy on evaluating training impact (2,3).