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Databases and Services

These courses aim to train participants in the use of specific databases, and associated tools, and on how to search, retrieve, analyse and interpret publicly available data.

The vast majority of such databases are hosted and maintained by the European Bioinformatics Institute and in many cases represent reference databases (e.g. Ensembl, Uniprot) that researchers are likely to use in their daily work to retrieve crucial biological information.

Resources covered include open-source tools for nucleotide and protein sequence alignment, functional genomics, metabolomics, pathway and network analysis.

Bioinformatics resources for protein biology
Biological data analysis using InterMine (User Interface and API)
COSMIC: Integrating and interpreting the world’s knowledge of somatic mutations in cancer
EMBL-EBI: An introduction to sequence searching
EMBL-EBI: Bioinformatics resources for exploring disease related data
EMBL-EBI: European Variation Archive
EMBL-EBI: Interactions & Pathways
EMBL-EBI: Introduction to Interpro
EMBL-EBI: Network analysis with Cytoscape and PSICQUIC
EMBL-EBI: Ontologies in life sciences - examples from GO and EFO
EMBL-EBI: Protein Sequence Databases with UniProt
EMBL-EBI: Transcriptomics Data and Tools
Open Targets: Integrating genetics and genomics for disease biology and translational medicine
Using the Ensembl Genome browser