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Transcriptome Analysis for Non-Model Organisms


RNA-Seq technology has been transformative in our ability to explore gene content and gene expression in all realms of biology, and de novo transcriptome assembly has enabled opportunities to expand transcriptome analysis to non-model organisms.

This course provides an overview of modern applications of transcriptome sequencing and popular tools, and algorithms, for exploring transcript reconstruction and expression analysis in a genome-free manner.

Attendees will perform quality assessment and upstream analysis of both Illumina and long reads single molecule sequencing data; the derived transcriptomes will be compared, annotated and used as reference for quantifying transcript expression, leveraging on Bioconductor tools for differential expression analysis. Additional methods will be explored for characterising the assembled transcriptome and revealing biological findings.



  • This workshop is aimed primarily at researchers that have basic bioinformatics skills and are pursuing RNA-Seq projects in non-model organisms.
  • Basic experience of command line UNIX. Sufficient UNIX experience might be obtained from the following UNIX tutorial
  • Basic knowledge of the R syntax. We recommend either attending or working through the materials of, the Introduction to solving Biological problems with R or Data Carpentry in R courses


For additional information, follow this link.

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