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Bioinformatics for Biologists: An introduction to programming, analysis, and reproducibility


This 1-week course aims to provide an introduction to the best practises and tools needed to perform research effectively and reproducibly.

Focusing on solutions around handling biological data, we will cover introductory lessons in programming in R, statistical analyses, data management and reproducibility. The R component of the course will cover from basic steps in R to how to use some of the most popular R packages (dplyr and ggplot2) for data manipulation and visualisation. No prior R experience or previous knowledge of programming/coding is required. The course also includes introductory sessions in statistics and working examples on how to analyse biological data. At the end of the course we will address issues relating to reusability and reproducibility.



  • Biological/Biomedical background knowledge
  • No previous knowledge of programming/coding is required for this course.


For additional information, follow this link.

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