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This two days course will focus on the theory and applications of metagenomics, for the analysis of complex microbiomes (microbial communities). The course will include theoretical (~40%) and practical (~60%) training. We will start with the fastest, simplest and cheapest amplicon based methods and will go up to the Hi-C metagenomics methods that give highly detailed results on the complex microbial communities. The practical component will cover bioinformatics analysis of metagenomics.



  • The course is aimed at biologists interested in microbiology, prokaryotic genomics, analysis of complex microbiomes and antimicrobial resistance.
  • Knowledge of Linux/Unix command line is required.We recommend attending the Introduction to working with UNIX and bash course. An introduction to the the Unix system and shell is also available here.
  • Basic knowledge on next-generation sequencing, microbiology is beneficial but not essential.

For additional information, follow this link.