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Eligibility Criteria and Charging Policy

University and Affiliated Institution Members

Bioinformatics courses are open to:

People from Cambridge University and Affiliated Institutions are given priority booking.

Please note: A charge applies to members of Affiliated Institutions and Staff Members of the University of Cambridge.


Non-members of the University

The following non-members of the University are also eligible to attend and charge will apply:

For guidance purposes only, this category includes:

  • Members of non-affiliated University institutions
  • Members of other Universities
  • Members of public and government bodies including NHS, Schools
  • Industry members

Some courses may be aimed at particular user groups. Always refer to the Target Audience session of a course description for specific information on who the course is aimed towards.

Please ensure you meet the target audience criteria before registering for a course.

We reserve the right to cancel any ineligible bookings, with notification.



Depending on which of the groups above you belong to you will pay one of the following charging rates below.


Graduate students from the University of Cambridge may book directly through the University booking system.


Full Charge

full charge of £100 per participant per day applies to all industry and business participants.


Concessionary Charge

We offer a Concessionary charge of £50 per participant per day to:

1. All Staff members (including Postdocs) from the University of Cambridge who may book directly through the University booking system. This will apply to all booking made from the 1st March 2016.

2. All Graduate students, Postdocs and Staff members from the Affiliated Institutions listed above who may book on any of our current courses using the external booking system.

In order to verify your association with any of these Institutes, we ask you to use your Institute's email address when booking (e.g. if your Institute is the EBI, your email address should end "").

3. Members of:

  • Non-affiliated University Institutions
  • Other Universities
  • Charity organisations
  • Public and government bodies including NHS and schools

Registration fees for (1) and (2) above will be recovered at Departmental or Institutional level rather than individually. Please note it remains the participant's responsibility to acquire prior approval from the relevant group leader, line manager or budget holder to attend the course. It is requested that people booking only do so with the agreement of the relevant party and if they can attend on the day, as costs will be charged back to your Lab Head or Group Supervisor.

Registration fees for (3) above will be recovered on an individual basis.