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Bioinformatics Training


Senior Data Scientist

Arm Semiconductor Manufacturing

Interests: Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, Healthcare, Neuroscience, Text mining, Python, R and Open Source.


Research Associate

I worked as a Research Associate in the Drosophila Connectomics Group at the University of Cambridge. I'm interested in neuroscience and machine learning, particularly decision making (of humans, animals and machines). As a Software Sustainability Institute Fellow and Cambridge Data Champion, I advocate for open science, by promoting good coding practices and contributing to open source software.


Some projects I worked on include: brain computer-interfaces, psychophysics, brain functional connectivity, natural language processing, R Shiny packages and artificial neural networks.


Key publications: 

Open source software for automatic subregional assessment of knee cartilage degradation using quantitative T2 relaxometry and deep learning | Thomas KA, Krzemiński D, Kidziński Ł, Paul R, Rubin EB, Halilaj E, Black MS, Chaudhari A, Gold GE, Delp SL (2021) Cartilage

Energy landscape of resting magnetoencephalography reveals fronto-parietal network impairments in epilepsy | Krzemiński D, Masuda N, Hamandi K, Singh KD, Routley B, Zhang J (2020) Network Neuroscience

A spiking neuron model of inferential decision making: Urgency, uncertainty, and the speed-accuracy tradeoff | Duggins P, Krzemiński D, Eliasmith C, Wichary S (2020) 42nd Cognitive Science Annual Conference

Helmholtz principle on word embeddings for automatic document segmentation | Krzemiński D, Balinsky H, Balinsky A (2018) 18th ACM Symposium on Document Engineering

Breakdown of long-range temporal correlations in brain oscillations during general anesthesia | Krzemiński D, Kamiński M, Marchewka A, Bola M (2017) Neuroimage

Teaching and Supervisions




  • Introduction to Machine Learning - Trainer

Other Professional Activities

I am/was active member of various coding communities, i.e. CaRdiff R Users, AI Wales and PyData Cardiff. Also, I was involved in:

  • (2021/22) Data Champions Community at University of Cambridge.

  • (2020) Tutoring and co-organising Brain Modelling Workshop at Cardiff University;

  • (2020) Tutoring Shiny workshop, organised by CaRdiff R Users group;

  • (2019) Co-organising SatRday Cardiff;

  • (2019) Helping out at BMVC conference in Cardiff;

  • (2018) Organising workshop Best programming practices for open science for GW4. The workshop aimed to promote good programming standards for reproducible research.

Dominik Krzemiński

Contact Details

Email address: 
Arm Global Headquarters
110 Fulbourn Road