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Bioinformatics Training


I am a PhD student on an MRC-iCASE studentship in collaboration with AstraZeneca. My primary supervisor is Dr Irina Mohorianu at the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute. My research focuses on the inference and functional integration/characterisation of Gene Regulatory Networks on multi-omics data, with a particular focus on spatial technologies.



I completed an integrated masters in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Oxford in June 2020 and joined the Core Bioinformatics group at the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute in August 2020 as a Research Assistant - Bioinformatician. My first major project at the CSCI, an extension of my master’s thesis, focused on applying Supervised Machine Learning and Genetic Algorithms to characterise miRNA-mRNA interactions using positional, nucleotide features. To further study the role of small RNAs and their integration into wider regulatory networks, I have also been working on a grid-based method to assess the covariation between mRNA and protein expression levels at spatial resolution in the mouse brain in early development, focusing on RNAscope and 10x Visium data. Over the past 2 years, I have worked closely with biologists studying a range of interesting questions by processing bulk and single-cell RNAseq, ChIPseq, small RNA and spatial transcriptomics datasets. More recently, I compiled a pipeline, bulkAnalyseR, to process bulk data and create a shiny app which could be used in-house and shared with the community to improve the accessibility and transparency of data analysis. In particular, for this pipeline I implemented a first version of multi-omics integration through GRNs, focusing on cis- or trans-regulatory interactions. Through my PhD project, I hope to further develop this idea and extract a wealth of information and insights from multi-omics data, particularly in the ASO context and through the integration of spatial data.


Key publications: 

bulkAnalyseR: An accessible, interactive pipeline for analysing and sharing bulk multi-modal sequencing data
Ilias Moutsopoulos*, Eleanor C Williams*, Irina I Mohorianu (2022) Briefings in Bioinformatics

The sum of two halves may be different from the whole. Effects of splitting sequencing samples across lanes.
Eleanor C Williams
*Ruben Chazarra-Gil*, Arash Shahsavari*, Irina Mohorianu (2022) Genes
Slides from UK Conference of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (September 2021)

GridProCo: a grid-based method for assessing mRNA and protein co-variation in expression levels at spatial resolution
Eleanor C. Williams, Katherine Ridley, Theresa Bartels, David Rowitch, Irina Mohorianu (2022)
Presented as a poster at RECOMB 2022 (Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology) at University of California San Diego, USA

noisyR: Enhancing biological signal in sequencing datasets by characterising random technical noise
I. Moutsopoulos, L. Maischak, E. Lauzikaite, S. A. Vasquez Urbina, E. C. Williams, H. G. Drost, I. Mohorianu (2021) Nucleic Acids Research

feamiR: Feature selection based on Genetic Algorithms for predicting miRNA-mRNA interactions
Eleanor C. Williams, Anisoara Calinescu, Irina Mohorianu (2020) bioRxiv
Poster from EMBL Symposium: Non-coding genome (October 2021)
Video from EMBL Symposium: Non-coding genome (October 2021)



Teaching and Supervisions




  • Introduction to Machine Learning - Trainer
  • NST Part II Bioinformatics - Trainer


  • Introduction to Machine Learning - Trainer


  • Introduction to Machine Learning - Trainer
  • NST Part II Bioinformatics - Trainer
Eleanor Williams

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Core Bioinformatics group
Wellcome - MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute
Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre
Puddicombe Way