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Bioinformatics Training

Read more at: Qi Wang, PhD

Qi Wang, PhD


Qi conducts training on data management, command-line shell, data analysis of RNA-seq and whole-genome DNA methylation data, as well as machine learning. She is a certified Carpentries Instructor.

Read more at: Jing Su, PhD

Jing Su, PhD

Senior Staff Scientist, Sanger Institute

Read more at: Ashley Sawle

Ashley Sawle

Principal Bioinformatics Analyst at Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

Read more at: Abigail Edwards, PhD

Abigail Edwards, PhD

Abbi has had an interesting and somewhat varied path to bioinformatics. Starting out as a biochemist, moving through various subjects until she eventually got sick of pipetting and decided sitting behind a computer was more her speed.

Read more at: Mark Fernandes

Mark Fernandes

Bioinformatics Teaching Associate


Job Role

Mark will be working with Alexia, initially on supporting material development for the undergraduate NST IB Mathematical and Computational Biology Course before moving on to support the delivery and development of existing portfolio of courses.



Monday to Friday