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Bioinformatics Training


I’m a PhD student working in Sebastian Eves-van den Akker's group working on plant parasitic nematodes. 

Largely our understanding of nematode parasitism is held back by the lack of tools to study them (both molecular and high throughput). 

My project aims to build both hardware- and software solutions to allow us to study plant-plant parasitic nematode interaction more efficiently and in more detail, and how to use that knowledge to build resistance against this pest.


  • University of Cambridge

    PhD in Plant Sciences

    2019 - 2023

    In summary, my PhD aims to increase knowledge on the regulation of host genes which lie in the core of cyst nematode feeding site formation, use this knowledge to develop a more flexible immune system, and ultimately provide a proof-of-principle synthetic immune response that could be applied to other plant diseases.

  • Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

    Bachelor's degree Biology & Medical Lab Research

    2015 - 2019

    Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences


Teaching and Supervisions




  • Core Statistics using R - Trainer


  • Core Statistics - Trainer
  • Core Statistics using Python - Trainer
Olaf Kranse

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Crop Science Centre
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