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Bioinformatics Training


Raquel is a part-time Biomedical Science PhD student and part-time bioinformatician. Her research is focused on cancer omics and data integration. For her PhD she is looking into intratumoral heterogeneity at phenotypic and genotypic level using NGS. She works with bash, python, R and Nextflow to develop her pipelines and uses high performance computing and version control system such as git. With the bioinformatics training unit she is developing new materials and working as a trainer to deliver the biostatistics and bioinformatics curriculum.

Teaching and Supervisions




  • Introduction to Unix and bash - Training Lead, Trainer
  • High Performance Computing: An Introduction - Training Lead, Trainer
  • Analysis of Bulk RNA-seq Data - Trainer
  • Core Statistics in R - Trainer
  • Data Visualisation - Trainer


  • High Performance Computing: An Introduction - Trainer
  • Analysis of Single cell RNA-seq Data - Trainer
  • Core Statistics - Trainer