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Bioinformatics Training

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Sandra Cortijo, PhD


UMR5004 IPSiM (Institut for Plant Sciences of Montpellier)
Montpellier, France

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Mark Dunning, PhD

Bioinformatics Core Director at The University of Sheffield

I am setting-up a Bioinformatics Core at The University of Sheffield. We will provide high-quality Bioinformatics service to assist researchers in the planning, analysis, visualisation and interpretation of their high-throughput data. We will also provide training courses on essential data analysis skills and more-specialised training in the analysis of NGS-related data.

Read more at: Anna Brestovitsky

Anna Brestovitsky

Senior Bioinformatician at Tropic Biosciences

I am a versatile scientist with more than five years of experience working with large-scale genomic data starting from NGS data generation, processing of raw reads to data analysis and data visualisation. I have deep domain knowledge in plant science, cancer, epigenetics, virology. Trained as a pharmacist, I also have deep understanding of human physiology, pathology and drug discovery processes.

Read more at: Matthew Eldridge, PhD

Matthew Eldridge, PhD

Head of Computational Biology, CRUK

Matt joined the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute (CRUK CI) in December 2007 as Head of the Bioinformatics Core to provide support to research scientists in data processing, statistics, software development and training.

Read more at: Hugo Tavares, PhD

Hugo Tavares, PhD

Bioinformatics Training Developer

Job Role

Hugo is responsible for developing and coordinating our "omics" curriculum, as well as recruiting and training instructors from across the University. 



Monday to Friday, office hours.