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Bioinformatics Training

Read more at: Anh Phuong Le

Anh Phuong Le

Student at Wellcome Sanger institute/University of Cambridge

Read more at: Agnieszka Plywaczyk

Agnieszka Plywaczyk

Research Information Analyst

Read more at: Jing Su, PhD

Jing Su, PhD

Senior Staff Scientist, Sanger Institute

Read more at: Ekim Luo

Ekim Luo

PhD candidate in Experimental Psychology (Biological Sciences)

Read more at: Vicki Hodgson, PhD

Vicki Hodgson, PhD

Biostatistics Teaching Associate


Job Role

Vicki will be working with Martin on the biostatistics curriculum and assist Paul in providing IT support.



Monday to Friday, office hours.

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Read more at: Rui Guan

Rui Guan

MRC Toxicology Unit, University of Cambridge

Read more at: Holly Pavey

Holly Pavey

Department of Medicine

Read more at: Gitanjali Yadav, PhD

Gitanjali Yadav, PhD

Dr. Gitanjali Yadav is a Trustee of St. Edmund's College, University of Cambridge. She is also the first DBT-Cambridge Lectureship awardee, a joint program between Cambridge Old Schools and the NIPGR, Govt of India. She has a diverse educational background, with a Ph.D. in Microbial Immunology (from the National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi India), a Master's degree in Biomedical Research and graduate degree with Honors in Botany, from the University of Delhi.

Read more at: Chandra Chilamakuri

Chandra Chilamakuri

Bioinformatics Analyst

Read more at: Paul Judge

Paul Judge

Bioinformatics System Administrator


Job Role

Paul manages the Bioinformatics Training Facility's IT infrastructure, adapting it to meet the increasingly demanding requirements for bioinformatics and computational biology training. His responsibilities include liaising with the trainers to ensure their technical requirements are met prior to a training course, and supporting them during a course to resolve any IT issues which may arise.