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MRC Toxicology Unit, University of Cambridge


Key publications: 


Maize Field Study Reveals Covaried Microbiota and Metabolic Changes in Roots over Plant Growth

A Bourceret, R Guan, K Dorau, T Mansfeldt, A Omidbakhshfard, ...

Mbio 13 (2), e02584-21


The fungal root endophyte Serendipita vermifera displays inter-kingdom synergistic beneficial effects with the microbiota in Arabidopsis thaliana and barley

LK Mahdi, S Miyauchi, C Uhlmann, R Garrido-Oter, G Langen, S Wawra, ...

The ISME journal 16 (3), 876-889


Shared features and reciprocal complementation of the Chlamydomonas and Arabidopsis microbiota

P Durán, J Flores-Uribe, K Wippel, P Zhang, R Guan, B Melkonian, ...

Nature communications 13 (1), 1-14


Tryptophan specialized metabolism and ER body-resident myrosinases modulate root microbiota assembly

AK Basak, A Piasecka, J Hucklenbroich, GM Türksoy, R Guan, P Zhang, ...



On the origin of vertebrate body plan: Insights from the endoderm using the hourglass model (vol 37, 119125, 2020)

C He, T Han, X Liao, R Guan, JY Chen, KD Tremblay, Z Lu



Host preference and invasiveness of commensal bacteria in the Lotus and Arabidopsis root microbiota

K Wippel, K Tao, Y Niu, R Zgadzaj, N Kiel, R Guan, E Dahms, P Zhang, ...

Nature microbiology 6 (9), 1150-1162


Coordination of microbe–host homeostasis by crosstalk with plant innate immunity

KW Ma, Y Niu, Y Jia, J Ordon, C Copeland, A Emonet, N Geldner, R Guan, ...

Nature Plants 7 (6), 814-825


Root-secreted coumarins and the microbiota interact to improve iron nutrition in Arabidopsis

CJ Harbort, M Hashimoto, H Inoue, Y Niu, R Guan, AD Rombolà, ...

Cell host & microbe 28 (6), 825-837. e6


On the origin of vertebrate body plan: Insights from the endoderm using the hourglass model

C He, T Han, X Liao, R Guan, JY Chen, KD Tremblay, Z Lu

Gene expression patterns 37, 119125


Alternate succession of aggregate-forming cyanobacterial genera correlated with their attached bacteria by co-pathways

CM Zhu, JY Zhang, R Guan, L Hale, N Chen, M Li, ZH Lu, QY Ge, ...

Science of the Total Environment 688, 867-879


The first chromosome‐level genome for a marine mammal as a resource to study ecology and evolution

G Fan, Y Zhang, X Liu, J Wang, Z Sun, S Sun, H Zhang, J Chen, M Lv, ...

Molecular Ecology Resources 19 (4), 944-956


Chromosome level comparative analysis of Brassica genomes

W Wang, R Guan, X Liu, H Zhang, B Song, Q Xu, G Fan, W Chen, X Wu, ...

Plant molecular biology 99 (3), 237-249


Phagocytic intracellular digestion in amphioxus (Branchiostoma)

C He, T Han, X Liao, Y Zhou, X Wang, R Guan, T Tian, Y Li, C Bi, N Lu, ...

Proceedings of the Royal Society B 285 (1880), 20180438


The genetic architecture of floral traits in the woody plant Prunus mume

Q Zhang, H Zhang, L Sun, G Fan, M Ye, L Jiang, X Liu, K Ma, C Shi, F Bao, ...

Nature communications 9 (1), 1-12


Evaluation of different 16S rRNA gene V regions for exploring bacterial diversity in a eutrophic freshwater lake

J Zhang, X Ding, R Guan, C Zhu, C Xu, B Zhu, H Zhang, Z Xiong, Y Xue, ...

Science of the Total Environment 618, 1254-1267


Draft genome sequence of the Tibetan medicinal herb Rhodiola crenulata

Y Fu, L Li, S Hao, R Guan, G Fan, C Shi, H Wan, W Chen, H Zhang, G Liu, ...

Gigascience 6 (6), gix033


Microbial profiles of a drinking water resource based on different 16S rRNA V regions during a heavy cyanobacterial bloom in Lake Taihu, China

J Zhang, C Zhu, R Guan, Z Xiong, W Zhang, J Shi, Y Sheng, B Zhu, J Tu, ...

Environmental Science and Pollution Research 24 (14), 12796-12808


Complete genome sequence and genomic characterization of Microcystis panniformis FACHB 1757 by third-generation sequencing

JY Zhang, R Guan, HJ Zhang, H Li, P Xiao, GL Yu, L Du, DM Cao, BC Zhu, ...

Standards in genomic sciences 11 (1), 1-13


Draft genome of the living fossil Ginkgo biloba

R Guan, Y Zhao, HE Zhang, G Fan, X Liu, W Zhou, C Shi, J Wang, W Liu, ...

Gigascience 5 (1), s13742-016-0154-1


A genome draft of the legless anguid lizard, Ophisaurus gracilis

B Song, S Cheng, Y Sun, X Zhong, J Jin, R Guan, RW Murphy, J Che, ...

Gigascience 4 (1), s13742-015-0056-7


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  • Reproducible Research in R - Trainer
  • Introduction to Unix and bash - Trainer
Rui Guan

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