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Bioinformatics Training

Read more at: Denise Carvalho-Silva, PhD

Denise Carvalho-Silva, PhD

Denise is an Open Targets alumna; molecular biologist turned scientific outreach lead.

Read more at: Louisse Mirabueno

Louisse Mirabueno

As a scientist with a keen interest in applying my computational expertise and research background, I aim to be part of a dynamic, multidisciplinary team focused on cutting-edge technology. With fluency in both English and German, I'm eager to bring my language skills to the workplace.

Read more at: Aleena Mushtaq, PhD

Aleena Mushtaq, PhD

Ensembl Outreach Officer at European Bioinformatics Institute

Read more at: Michal Szpak, PhD

Michal Szpak, PhD

My PhD project in Human Evolution team at the Sanger Institute focused on positive selection in human populations. I work on fine mapping of the adaptive variation for functional follow-up studies. We use genome editing (CRISPR/Cas9) approach to model human evolution in mouse and test hypotheses about selected phenotypes.

Read more at: Benjamin Moore, PhD

Benjamin Moore, PhD

Ben is the Outreach Project Manager for Ensembl: he is responsible for the team that provides support and training for the Ensembl genome resources by delivering workshops, creating online courses and documentation, managing social media and answering helpdesk queries. Ben started at EMBL-EBI as an Ensembl Outreach Officer in September 2015 and became the Project Manager in January 2021. Before working at EMBL-EBI, Ben obtained his PhD in Biological Sciences from the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology at the University of Cambridge.

Read more at: Jing Su, PhD

Jing Su, PhD

Senior Staff Scientist, Sanger Institute