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Bioinformatics Training

Read more at: Sucharitha Balu

Sucharitha Balu

Scientific Database Curator - EMBL-EBI

Read more at: Birgit Meldal

Birgit Meldal

Senior Scientific Data Manager at Eagle Genomics Ltd.

Read more at: Pablo Porras, PhD

Pablo Porras, PhD

Data Curation Director at AstraZeneca

My interest and expertise lie in biological and clinical data curation and analysis, with a focus in service provision for the life sciences and the pharmaceutical industry. I strongly believe data curation, standards and interoperability are key to fully exploit the potential of biological and clinical big data.

Read more at: Juanjo Medina

Juanjo Medina

Software Engineer at EMBL-EBI

Read more at: Eliot Ragueneau

Eliot Ragueneau

Senior Software Engineer

Read more at: Kalpana Panneerselvam

Kalpana Panneerselvam

Senior Scientific Database Curator