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Bioinformatics Training

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Ana Catarina da Silva

I'm a microbiologist who has transitioned from wet to dry-lab science. I use the lens of bioinformatics to look at biological questions from the perspective and context of the data. I have worked at the interface of basic and translational research, and currently am using bioinformatics approaches to investigate the role of uncultured bacteria in the human gut, with the goal of understanding how the composition of the gut microbiome may influence the incidence of gut-related human diseases.

Read more at: Jiawei Wang, PhD

Jiawei Wang, PhD

Marie Curie Fellow, EMBO Non-Stipendiary Fellow, European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI)

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Haerin Jang

Haerin is a Ph.D. student interested in understanding patient heterogeneity and drug response in immune-mediated diseases using single cell transcriptomic data. 

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Jon Marshall

Scientific Computing, Information Technology

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Chengwei (Ulrika) Yuan

PhD Student

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Chris Beaudoin

PhD Student, Department of Biochemistry

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Qi Wang, PhD


Qi conducts training on data management, command-line shell, data analysis of RNA-seq and whole-genome DNA methylation data, as well as machine learning. She is a certified Carpentries Instructor.

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Jiayin Hong, PhD

Research Associate

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Jing Su, PhD

Senior Staff Scientist, Sanger Institute

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Tom Smith, PhD