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Bioinformatics Training

Read more at: Yuki Ye

Yuki Ye

PhD Student, Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Read more at: Mareike Herzog, PhD

Mareike Herzog, PhD

Read more at: Guillermo Parada Gonzalez, PhD

Guillermo Parada Gonzalez, PhD


Read more at: Cristian Riccio

Cristian Riccio

During my Masters project at the University of Cambridge, I demonstrated that an enteroendocrine mammalian cell line can produce action potentials optogenetically (see article below). Now I am using third-generation sequencing in nematodes to study their natural genetic diversity.

Read more at: Mukarram Hossain, PhD

Mukarram Hossain, PhD

Principal Bioinformatician at Cancer Research UK (CRUK) - Manchester Institute

Read more at: Anne Pajon, PhD

Anne Pajon, PhD

Experienced Senior Bioinformatics Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the research industry. Skilled in Python, Database, Automation, Data Management and Bioinformatics.

Read more at: Tak Lee, PhD

Tak Lee, PhD

Senior Bioinformatician at Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research


Read more at: Sergio Martínez Cuesta, PhD

Sergio Martínez Cuesta, PhD

Sergio is an associate director in hit discovery bioinformatics at AstraZeneca R&D leading a group developing computational approaches for target identification and new therapeutics discovery. He builds from his early training in medicinal chemistry and biochemistry followed with a PhD and postdoc in bioinformatics and cheminformatics and develops projects in collaboration with laboratory colleagues and clinical scientists.

Read more at: Fabio Puddu

Fabio Puddu

Senior Bioinformatics Scientist, Cambridge Epigenetix

Read more at: Daniel Money, PhD

Daniel Money, PhD

I am currently a post-doc in the lab of Eske Willerslev in the Department of ZoologyUniversity of Cambridge.