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Bioinformatics Training

Read more at: Erin Doody, PhD

Erin Doody, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher in the Moyroud Group at SLCU studying natural variation and EvoDevo of petal bullseye patterns in Hibiscus using a combination of genetics, genomics and field work.


Read more at: Yijie Yin

Yijie Yin

PhD Student and Research Assistant at the Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience

Read more at: Sandra Cortijo, PhD

Sandra Cortijo, PhD


UMR5004 IPSiM (Institut for Plant Sciences of Montpellier)
Montpellier, France

Read more at: Mark Dunning, PhD

Mark Dunning, PhD

Bioinformatics Core Director at The University of Sheffield

I am setting-up a Bioinformatics Core at The University of Sheffield. We will provide high-quality Bioinformatics service to assist researchers in the planning, analysis, visualisation and interpretation of their high-throughput data. We will also provide training courses on essential data analysis skills and more-specialised training in the analysis of NGS-related data.

Read more at: Guillermo Parada Gonzalez, PhD

Guillermo Parada Gonzalez, PhD


Read more at: Cristian Riccio

Cristian Riccio

During my Masters project at the University of Cambridge, I demonstrated that an enteroendocrine mammalian cell line can produce action potentials optogenetically (see article below). Now I am using third-generation sequencing in nematodes to study their natural genetic diversity.

Read more at: Aiora Zabala, PhD

Aiora Zabala, PhD

I am lecturer (assistant professor) in environmental and sustainability policy & economics. I teach students how to design effective, just and efficient policy, and how to evaluate it. I research how to improve policy implementation.

Read more at: Mukarram Hossain, PhD

Mukarram Hossain, PhD

Principal Bioinformatician at Cancer Research UK (CRUK) - Manchester Institute

Read more at: Adrian Baez-Ortega, PhD

Adrian Baez-Ortega, PhD

Adrian is a postdoctoral researcher at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, where he works with group leaders Iñigo Martincorena and Peter Campbell to investigate the biological processes that shape the evolution of cells in healthy and diseased tissues.

Read more at: Anna Brestovitsky

Anna Brestovitsky

Senior Bioinformatician at Tropic Biosciences

I am a versatile scientist with more than five years of experience working with large-scale genomic data starting from NGS data generation, processing of raw reads to data analysis and data visualisation. I have deep domain knowledge in plant science, cancer, epigenetics, virology. Trained as a pharmacist, I also have deep understanding of human physiology, pathology and drug discovery processes.