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Bioinformatics Training

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Joana Dias

Research Assistant at Department of Medicine

Most of my work is devoted to genomically characterising Salmonella Paratyphi A with a particular focus on AMR, virulence factors, phylogeny and global distribution of the pathogen. I am also interested in azithromycin resistance within S. Paratyphi A with a focus on the increase of resistance in low-mid-income countries.

Although S. Paratyphi A is the main focus of my research, I am also interested in studying the human gut microbiome.

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Bajuna Salehe, PhD

Bioinformatics Teaching Associate


Job Role

Bajuna works with Hugo to support the development and delivery of our portfolio of 'omics related courses.   



Monday to Friday, office hours.


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Marcus de Goffau

Human microbiome expert & data scientist. Skilled in biology, physics and statistics / pattern recognition supported by extensive lab experience. Extensive publication record on an eclectic variety of topics.

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Lajos Kalmar, PhD

Bioinformatics Facility Manager, MRC Toxicology Unit

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Chandra Chilamakuri

Bioinformatics Analyst